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[amy_organic_heading title=”Our Highlights” sub_title=”We work with genuine ingredients” title_color=”#5d4d40″ sub_title_color=”#280808″ title_fontsize=”48″ sub_title_fontsize=”14″]
[amy_organic_heading title=”Omega 3″ sub_title=”Fatty acids essential for our body” title_color=”#dd3333″ title_fontsize=”18″ sub_title_fontsize=”14″]
[amy_organic_heading title=”Without colorings and preservatives” sub_title=”100% Natural” title_color=”#87c24a” title_fontsize=”18″ sub_title_fontsize=”14″]
[amy_organic_heading title=”Gluten free” sub_title=”Suitable for Celiacs” title_color=”#c8dd64″ title_fontsize=”18″ sub_title_fontsize=”14″]
[amy_organic_heading title=”Palm oil free” sub_title=”With corn and linseed oil” title_color=”#dfbd64″ title_fontsize=”18″ sub_title_fontsize=”14″]
[amy_organic_heading title=”Baked” sub_title=”Not fried” title_color=”#bea97a” title_fontsize=”18″ sub_title_fontsize=”14″]
[amy_organic_heading title=”LifeSnack Story” title_color=”#ffffff” sub_title_color=”#5e4211″ title_fontsize=”48″ sub_title_fontsize=”20″]

Founded in 2009 in Redondesco, Mantova, Life Snack S.r.l. has born with the goal to offer, to a more and more careful customer base, a gluten-free snack at a competitive price, giving everyone the opportunity to take a break with taste and respecting their health: this is how our corn extruder are baked in a unique and patented recipe full of Omega3.

Thanks to their high fiber and vegetable protein content, Life Snack products also act as a nutritional complement. We are constantly growing, thanks to the continuous innovations made both in terms of production and quality, in order to launch low-fat and low-calories snacks in the market.

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[amy_organic_heading title=”Made with ❤ in Italy” title_color=”#ffffff” sub_title_color=”#5e4211″ title_fontsize=”48″ sub_title_fontsize=”20″]

Snacks are made thanks to the balance of the best 100% Italian raw materials and natural ingredients.

Our products are made using corn and linseed oil which naturally enrich the product of Omega3, a fatty acid essential for our body that has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.