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Founded in 2009 Life Snack S.r.l. has as objective to produce and sell all over the world its snack: extruded maize born from a unique

recipe rich in Omega3, obtained from the equilibrium of the best raw materials and natural ingredients.

Life Snack S.r.l. has a single production and administrative site in Redondesco in the province of Mantova (Italy).



Life Snack is the only company that produces snack of corn oven

baked, rich in omega 3, without glutamate without gluten, without

palm oil and that uses for their seasoning only natural aromas,

iodized salt and vegetable oil kept at room temperature for not

altering the taste and nutritional properties.








The company strategy has always proved successful, based on the development of

increasingly healthy Made in Italy snacks:

in fact, low fat and hypocaloric snacks are being studied.


We also have the certifications: BRC, IFS; to guarantee quality and commitment

that we dedicate every day to produce healthy but tasty snacks at the same time.