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Life Snack Srl is a young but dynamic company founded in 2009 focused on the production of natural and healthy corn snacks. Despite having been on the market for only three years,Life Snack is able to produce a variety of corn snacks with different flavours and packages.

Such variety makes it easy to meet the taste of a wide range of customers with the benefit of offering a completely natural and healthy alternative to conventional snacks.

Rich content of Omega3 fats, no preservatives, no colourings, no gluten, no glutamate are just some of the key characteristics of all our products, which differentiate Life Snack from the rest of the snacks market.

Life Snack provides a viable health-focused alternative to traditional snacks, as more and more countries are introducing regulations against „junk“ food. Innovation, health and commitment are our core values, which we make sure are given expression in every single package we produce.

The production process complies with HACCP standards, with a strict control system, first choice ingredients and top technology packaging.

The shelf life of the snacks is guaranteed 180 days from the production date, even without preservatives and refrigeration.

Storage and transport are highly regarded at Life Snack. After an order has been placed, the products are delivered in a very short time. Storage and transport do not require particular conditions, apart from „cool and dry place“.

Every item can be provided in standard boxes or in nice cardboard displays. Our large range of items allows to target wide taste and price ranges.

The production process undergoes strict quality checks and employs first choice ingredients and advanced packaging technologies,so that the shelf life of our final products can be guaranteed six months after production, without the use of refrigeration or any preservatives.

Omega-3 fatty acids are fats commonly found in marine and plant oils.

They cannot be produced by our body although they are indispensable for normal metabolism. This is why proper nutrition is important to ensure that we gain the right amount of Omega3. All of our snacks contain almost 100% of the recommended

daily amount of Omega3 in a single portion.


Iodine is a mineral which contributes to the proper functioning of the thyroid gland ,which controls our energy consumption rate and allows us, for example, to burn the fat surplus.

The OMS and FAO indicate the reduction of iodine deficency disorders as one of their main objective in public health policies. This is why the little amount of salt we put in our products is strictly iodized salt.

Oven baking is preferred to frying in order to enhance the taste by providing homogeneous cooking, limiting the accumulation of fat, preserving minerals and vitamins and avoiding possible burns.

No Additives Food additives are used to change colour or taste of, or to help preserving food.

Such substances include colourings, preservatives and glutamate, which we decided to avoid to preserve the naturalness and integrity of our products.

In order to avoid limitations for consumers suffering gluten intolerance, we decided to employ only gluten free

products. We carry out pre and post production checks in order to guarantee absolutely gluten free product.